Developer Resources

Developer Documentation

This links to the online documentation for OSMF. It includes a Quick Start guide, reviews the basics of creating a media player and then customizing it, as well as developing your own plug-ins. The developer guide is a great starting point for getting technical background information on OSMF.


In addition to the developer documentation, there is also a link to the API documentation. This not only covers the definitions of the key API’s but also lists if they are locked down or still under development.


Feature Specifications

These are the documents that the OSMF developers use to drive development of each individual feature within OSMF. They require a much more detailed understanding of OSMF, but can be very useful for understanding the details of how and why a specific feature works the way it does.



Developer Forums

These are the detailed discussion forums for asking and answering questions both between people who are using OSMF to create their own video players and directly with members of the OSMF development teams. Many times questions are asked and answered here that clarify details of OSMF for the whole community. Use the search features, or login and ask your own questions.


Submit Bugs and Feature Requests

This links to the bug control system used by the OSMF development team to track open bugs and feature requests for OSMF. You can search to see if an issue you have uncovered is a known bug, or see if an enhancement you would like is listed as a submitted feature request. You can also submit your own bug and feature requests.