Getting Started with OSMF as a Content Provider

Today it is possible to deliver amazing high-quality experiences on the web. The technology and the bandwidth exist. There are great websites out there that deliver premium content with a great user experience. You can deliver HD content, you can advertise against it, and you can measure how you’re audience is consuming it. So no matter what type of video assets you have, the Flash platform enables you to package it, protect it, distribute it, and monetize it. Just as important — you also have complete control of the overall experience for the end user.

It is possible, but it is not easy. Creating these types of experiences is difficult and time consuming, and requires a lot of expertise and resources to deliver. Why is it so challenging to build video players? First, there is a lot of duplicate work. For example, each player developer has written their own code for player controls (such as the scrub bar) and to gracefully handle errors. The second problem is the lack of standard interfaces for services like advertising and analytics. Everybody is spending time solving these same basic problems, with little time left over to focus on parts of the player that should be unique. It’s those unique aspects of a player — the user interface and an engaging experience — that really have the power to increase audience engagement. So the opportunity cost is high, and over time the problem is magnified, as the technology evolves, player development efforts require increasing investments just to stay current.


OSMF was created to help you monetize and protect your video assets by making it easier to create and maintain the rich media experiences your audience demands. To understand more about how OSMF helps make this possible, review some of the resources shown below:


David Hassoun, the Principal of RealEyes Media, gives a four-minute overview of how he used OSMF to create a media player for an innovative media management and publishing company, MobileWriter.

Nick Hippe, Adobe Senior Solutions Engineer; gives a 30-minute presentation at NAB 2010 on how to use OSMF to simply and quickly enable monetization of your video assets.



Read about Niall Kennedy’s use of OSMF to create a full featured media player for the VideoPress web site. Niall talks about how OSMF simplified the whole media player development process, including customized “skinning” of the player, and integration of plug-ins for captioning and the Quantcast video analytics service. The article is published in the August edition of the Adobe Edge newsletter and is titled: OSMF: Simplifying the media player development process.

Greg Hamer’s article has an overview of the key business reasons for using OSMF, combined with some technical detail. To read more, go here.