OSMF Features

Supported Video Delivery Methods

OSMF allows developers to create media players that support a variety of delivery methods, including:

  • Progressive Download
  • RTMP Dynamic Streaming
  • HTTP Dynamic Streaming
  • Multicast
  • Flash Access 2.0

OSMF also supports the following features:

  • DVR
  • Seek during live events
  • Buffer management
  • Switching management
  • Subclips
  • Pre-assigned durations

OSMF will be updated as new features are added to both Flash Media Server and Flash Player, so that your OSMF-based media player can be updated quickly and easily.

Integration of images, audio, and video into a complete rich media experience

The complete visual display of your web media experience is customizable using OSMF.

  • Composition
    • Controls the sequencing, over time, of any type of media. This includes the combination of both serial and parallel elements.
  • Layout
    • Controls the positioning of any media type
  • User interface elements
    • A complete set of user customizable playback controls
  • Support for the following Media Elements
    • Video
    • Image
    • Audio
    • SWF
  • Cue Points
    • Used to store temporal data in a media file (example: a chapter in a video)
  • Metadata
  • Dynamic Playlist
  • Libraries
    • Support for VAST and MAST advertising libraries
    • SMIL parser
    • MRSS/ATOM syndication feed parsing
    • Captioning

Plug-in Architecture

Enables full integration with hosted services at the “flip of a switch." Plug-ins can also be written to extend and customize the basic functionality of OSMF.

  • Dynamic and Static plug-ins
    • Dynamically loaded plug-ins to maximize flexibility
    • Statically compiled-in plug-ins to maximize performance
  • Media and Proxy plug-ins
    • Media plug-in example: A plug-in that handles connection to a CDN
    • Proxy plug-in example: A plug-in that listens to playback events and reports to an Analytics service

For a list of current third party software plug-in partners, see: www.osmf.org/partner.php.