Customer Stories

OSMF can be used to create a large variety of rich video experiences on the web. Take a look at the following customer stories to see how the web video development community is using OSMF to enhance their customers' use of video on their web site.

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By Niall Kennedy of VideoPress

The VideoPress player is built on top of the RealEyes OSMF player sample (REOPS), an extension of core OSMF features. The player loads a dynamic configuration file on initialization, allowing a unique player skin, plug-ins, and video assets for each publisher. The VideoPress player progressively downloads MP4 video files containing an H.264 video track and AAC-LC audio track from the CDN provider\'s global edge servers. Player impressions, playback initiation, and playback progress are tracked through Quantcast and Stats, a custom OSMF plug-in. The player supports timed text transcripts in multiple languages, switching between a low- and high-quality video file, and video sharing features, including embed markup copy and paste as well as direct download of the highest quality raw video files.

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