How to become a Plug-in Provider

Strategic partnerships with Adobe build on a common goal — to help customers extend the use of the Adobe® Flash® Platform. OSMF has an open and extensible plug-in architecture that allows partners to integrate their services seamlessly with standardized, production-ready code so that their customers can get up and running faster — with less time spent on custom integration — and to deliver high-quality rich media content to all customers. OSMF enables Adobe's ecosystem partners to fully utilize the powerful video features of the Flash Platform.


The OSMF Plug-in partner program is designed to leverage the flexibility of the OSMF architecture. As an OSMF plug-in partner, you are committing to:


  • Develop an OSMF plug-in that video player developers can either compile into their video players (static plug-in) or have their video players load at runtime (dynamic plug-in). You can decide whether to support one or both integration approaches, and your documentation should inform your customers which method(s) are supported.
  • Create and host a landing page on your company’s website that describes the OSMF plug-in you have built. This page should include at a minimum: instructions for video player developers to access your plug-in, instructions for how to integrate it into an OSMF video player, and an ETA for availability of the plug-in if it’s not available yet.

You control and manage distribution of your plug-in:


  • To support static plug-in use cases, you need to provide your plug-in as a download to video player developers so they can compile it into their video players
  • To support dynamic plug-in use cases, you can host your plug-in SWF on your company servers and/or you can give your customers your plug-in SWF so they can host it on their server.


You control licensing of your plug-in:


  • Your plug-in can be closed source or open source — it’s entirely up to you. Since you handle distribution and hosting of your plug-in, you can decide how to license it.
  • OSMF is open source under the Mozilla Public License, but the OSMF license imposes no requirements on your plug-in’s license.


If you are ready to have your plug-in listed on this site, please fill out and submit the plug-in agreement here.